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Receitas de Pai
Receitas de Pai

Hello, welcome to the channel Father's Recipes!
My name is Diego Assalve and I will teach you many simple and easy recipes!
But I'm not alone in this, because I count on the help of my camera and wife Lorena Rodrigues.
Do you think it's over?
Nothing! Lorena and I have a much bigger mission than running a cooking channel. We are the parents of two boys: Guilherme and Felipe, apart from modesty they are beautiful!
They always show up here, between one recipe and the next, giving bits of cake, dessert or interrupting the recordings for necessary reasons, such as changing a diaper for example ... lol
Well, these are us, the Assalve family, which grew up and today became the Father Recipes family.
Come and feel free! ❤️

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